Top 10 Nathaniel Bassey Songs 2024

Experience The Best Worship Time With The Top Nathaniel Bassey Songs In 2024. 

Nathaniel Bassey Songs

Nathaniel Bassey Songs: Did you recently tap into Nathaniel Bassey’s sound? Or are you a fan? Either ways in this article we will be talking about the top10 Natheniel Bassey songs. Discover some of Nathaniel Bassey’s great songs that tops all of his other works as you keep reading this article.

Nathaniel Bassey is a renowned and one of the most listened to gospel artist in Nigeria. He was born on August 27th, 1978 in Lagos. He is a talented artist who’s music cuts across different genres such as worship, hymns and medley. He is best loved for his anointed voice and lyrics and has gained far wide recognition across different denominations. Keep reading this article as we delve into top 10 Nathaniel Bassey Songs.

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Top 10 Nathaniel Bassey Songs

1. Onise Iyanu

Number one on this list has to go out to Onise Iyanu. It is nearly impossible to make a top 10 Nathaniel Bassey song without adding this song. It is a track off his “This God is too Good” album, featuring Micah Stampley and the Glorious Fountain Choir, recorded live in Warri. onise Iyanu translate to “Miracle Worker” in English and it takes about the miraculous power of God in his personal experiences.

2. Olowogbogboro

Another topping songs from the anniversary singer Nathaniel Bassey is the well known Olowogbogboro. The song translates to “The Outstretched Hand of God” and was co written with Rotimikeys and Wale Adenuga. It was during the #HallelujahChallengethe song gained some popularity and till today the song has not lost its savor as it reaffirms our confidence in God.

3. Imela

Imela is another one of the Nathanial Bassey songs with over 57 million streams on Youtube, this song is known as one of the most popular Nigerian gospel songs. The song translates to “thank you” in English. Imela features a contemporary gospel artiste Enitan Adaba and has become a staple on worship gatherings. The song emphasizes on the appreciation of the unmerited goodness of God and it resonates a lot with many fans and non-fans of Nathaniel Bassey.

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4. Olorun Agbaye

Olorun Agbaye is another top song of the talented Nigerian gospel artist Nathaniel Bassey. The writer drew his inspiration from Isaiah 66 vs 1 which expressed that God is the supreme being that governs the affairs of humanity. If you seek some comfort in your faith you can listen to song over and over again.

5. Adonai

Another song that tops on this list is Adonai, it a soul stirring melody song which has become one of the artist most popular tracks with over 11 million youtube streams. Joel Karanga, one of Nathaniel Bassey’s fan said “You can only write this kind of music if you dwell in the secret place of the most-high. These melodies are not from the earth realm. This is the work of the holy spirit.”

6. Celebrate Jesus

Another song on our list is Celebrate Jesus, a collaboration with Onos Ariyo which was released in 2016. This song does not only showcase the artist’s vocals but you would definitely want put on your dancing shoes when this song come up with its upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics, and infectious rhythm. The song is full of life and excitement as it has a lively and engaging melody that will make you want to move your body.

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7. Like A Symphony

Like a Symphony is another of the top 10 best songs of Natheniel Bassey especially for its sweet melody. This song gives insight of gift of God in the life of Natheniel Bassey and his crew. You “enter another realm” when you listen and sing along to this song as it gives a glimpse of heaven while giving a deep sense of worship.

8. Book of Life

This is another important song on this list, Book of life. The song talks about the journey of the life of a  Christian man and his hope to have his name in the Book of Life. This song reflects deep into the life of every Christian and gives them a reminder to live a life of Christ so as not to be left behind on the judgment day.

9. See What The Lord Has Done

You can not make a lift of Nathaniel Bassey’s top 10 songs and not add “see what the Lord had done.” This song encourages you to reflect on the blessings of God in your life, since it was released in 2021, the song has gathered lots of testimonies on the artist YouTube page.

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10. Wonderful Wonder

The last on our list goes to Wonderful Wonder of God which speaks about the wonders of God’s creation. It is an Ode for the creation story from Genesis 1 which is quite relatable because of the unpredictable acts of God are still as beautiful as ever as he mentions the various seasons: summer, winter, autumn, spring, the blue skies, trees, and other natural elements awestrike him about the wonders of God.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The New Release Of Nathaniel Bassey?

Gospel music artist, songwriter, and minister Nathaniel Bassey is back with a new praise single titled “Jesus Iye.”

2. Does Nathaniel Bassey Have A Church?

He serves as The Pastor of THE OASIS- The Youth Church of RCCG, The King’s Court. Lagos, Nigeria.

3. How Do I Invite Nathaniel Bassey?

You can book Nathaniel Bassey for your event by contacting Nathaniel Bassey’s agent. Nathaniel Bassey agent will be able to provide you everything you need to hire Nathaniel Bassey including availability and pricing.

4. How Much Does Nathaniel Bassey Charge Per Show?

In 2019, Nathaniel Bassey charged between 5 to 10 million naira per show.

5. When Did The Hallelujah Challenge Start?

The Hallelujah Challenge, which originally started in 2017 as an Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube praise and worship movement, has grown into an annual festival, accompanied by extraordinary testimonies.


In this article we have listed and discussed the top 10 songs of the talented gospel artist Natheniel Bassey. Do well to listen to these songs if you haven’t to have a first hand experience of these anointed songs.

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