Top 10 Moses Bliss Songs 2024

Check out The Amazing Songs from Gospel Singer Moses Bliss And When They Were Released. 

Moses Bliss Songs

Moses Bliss Songs: Are you a fan of Moses Bliss and want to know his top songs? In this article, we will be talking about the top10 Moses Bliss Songs. Discover some of Moses Bliss great songs that tops all of her other works as you keep reading this article.

We will be talking about one of Nigeria’s renowned gospel singer and actress, Moses Bliss. He has been a part of the music industry for a quite some years and is seen as one of the top artist in the gospel music. Keep reading this article as we discuss more on who Moses Bliss is and his top 10 songs.

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Who Is Moses Bliss? 

Moses Bliss Uyoh Enang, who is popularly known as Moses Bliss is one of the gospel singer/songwriter in Nigeria and owner of the Spotlight Nation record label. The worship singer grew up from a deep Christian background which made him grow in the faith and started his career at quite a young age. He showcased his talent and passion for worship and as he continued, his name began to resonate with the rhythms of gospel songs.

Top 10 Moses Bliss Songs

Here are the top 10 Moses Bliss Songs arranged in no particular order;

1. Too Faithful

One of Moses Bliss top song is Too Faithful, it is safe to call this song his best song. Too Faithful is a song that reflects on God’s faithfulness is man’s life which was released in 2019 and has quickly rose to be a chart topping single. This song cam be used as a source of comfort and a reminder that in any hard time, there is a being that has your back which cannot fail. Too Faithful is a song of a powerful declaration of trusting in the ever Faithful God.

2. Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus

Another song we have on our top 10 Moses Bliss Songs is “Miracle no dey tire Jesus”. This song is seen as an anthem for christians as it captivates the hearts of believers delivering a powerful message of unwavering faith. This son serves as a reminder that Jesus remains forever a miracle worker and comes through for his people even at times they least expect or moment of what seems as an impossibility

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3. You I Live For

Another song on our list if “you I Live for”. This song is a blend of contemporary beats with a profound spiritual resonance, it is an invitation to have an encounter with the presence of God. This song is seen as a sacred conversation between believers and God, as the singer is passing a message that we should focus our hearts and mind on whom we live for.

4. Bigger Everyday

Another song on our list is bigger Everyday. This song is a collaboration with other gospel artists including Joe Praise and others. This song drives the listener into a realm of spiritual elevation and to rise above every limitations while believing in the magnitude of God’s promises. Listeners enjoy this song as it is a prophetic declaration of victory over the enemies of our lives.

5. Kumama Papa

Kumama Papa is another song considered as one of the singers top songs. Though the song was composed by a Congolese music minister Grace Lokwa in and did a remix with Moses Bliss and Prinx Emmanuel in 2022 which brought the song into Nigerian air waves. Kumama Papa means Father be praised and it inspires believers to seat back and meditate of the love of God.

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6. E No Dey Fall My Hand

Another song considered as one of the top songs by the singer Moses Bliss is “E No dey Fall My Hand”. This song is a combination of an afrobeat vibe with energetic rhythms and the vocals of the artist to celebrate the goodness of God and his forever available support. When you listen to this song and its lyrics, you see it is an affirmation and a reminder that God’s faithfulness is forever the same and trustworthy.

7. In Your Hands

In your hands is another song considered as a to 10 Moses Bliss song. The gospel artist wrote this song for believers to use to reflect on surrendering to the divine power. It is a reminder that there is refuge and peace in entrusting your life in the hands of God in any circumstances you find yourself.

8. Glory

Glory, another song on this list is a declaration of worship to God the supreme being, it echoes the hearts of believers that stand on awe of God. The song encourages listeners to acknowledge the greatness of God and enter into a space of profound respect and honour with the singers vocal prowess and musical arrangement that inspires reverence.

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9. Marvelous God

Marvelous God is a worship composition which Bliss invites believers to exalt the name of God. It is a combination of a contemplative atmosphere and a powerful declaration which creates an atmosphere of reverence and adoration.

10. Hail Your Name

The last song on our list on the top 10 Moses Bliss song is Hail Your Name, it is an expression of praise and gratitude which encourages believers to lift their voices in a joyful and thankful manner towards God.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Songs Does Moses Bliss Have?

His first album “Too Faithful” was released in May 2021 and comprised 13 tracks including “Taking Care”, “Perfection” and “E No Dey Fall My Hand”. In February 2023, he released his sophomore album titled “More Than Music (Transcendent Worship”, also comprising 13 tracks.

2. How Old Is Moses Bliss?

Moses Bliss is about 28 years he was born on the 20th of February 1995.

3. Does Moses Bliss Have A Child?

Moses just got married and doesn’t have a child or children yet.

4. When Did Moses Bliss Release His First Song?

Moses Bliss started music in 2014 with his song God Is Real, but became popular and rose to fame in 2019 after realizing his hit soul warming worship song, Too Faithful. Too Faithful, sky rocketed Bliss’ Gospel music career.

5. Which Record Label Is Moses Bliss?

Spotlight Nation, an international record label owned by celebrated Gospel Artiste, Minister Moses Bliss.


In this article, we have talked about the top 10 Moses Bliss Songs. Need a song for different mood of worship, explore songs form this article to uplift your faith, hope and love for God. If you seek to fellowship with God through melody, then Moses Bliss should be one of the gospel ministers on your list.

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