Polaris Bank Transfer Code – List Of All Polaris USSD Code

Explore Polaris Bank Transfer Code – Here is this article is the Full List of All Polaris USSD Code For All Transactions. Enjoy stress free banking using polaris bank code.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

The Polaris ussd code is the most fastest and secure means to perform any transaction on your bank account without an internet connection. By using the Polaris ussd codes, you can enjoy the features and benefits that comes with stress-free transactions.

Polaris USSD Code

The Polaris Bank Transfer code is *833#. Polaris Bank Nigeria created a USSD code *833# which customers can dial on their mobile phones to buy airtime for themselves and loved ones, send money, check account balance, and do other simple transactions.

Similarly, you can pay bills online using the polaris bank transfer code and control the whole process from your phone.

Activating the polaris bank code is a swift and effortless process that can be done within minutes if you follow the right steps. If you have not attempted this before, you don’t need to worry.

Our guide on the polaris transfer code will give you all the details on how to access this service on your phone.

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What Transactions Can I Perform With the Polaris Bank Transfer Code?

With the Polaris Bank Transfer Code, you can carry out various transactions, including:

  • Transfer funds to Polaris Bank and other banks
  • Check account balance
  • Recharge your mobile phone
  • Pay bills (e.g., electricity, cable TV)
  • Request for a new cheque book
  • And many more.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code Activation

This is how to activate polaris bank transfer code. Do you know that activating the polaris transfer code is a simple and effortless process. Let me show you how you can easily achieve polaris ussd code activation following this guide below.

How To Activate Polaris Bank Transfer Code

To activate the polaris bank code on your mobile phone, follow the steps we have outlined below:

1. Dial *833# on your mobile phone using the phone number linked to your Polaris bank account.

2. Input your 10-digit NUBAN account number.

3. You’ll be asked to create a 4-digit PIN. Choose the PIN you prefer.

4. Enter the 4-digit PIN again for confirmation.

5. Now, you have activated the polaris bank ussd code successfully on your mobile phone.

Requirements For Polaris Bank Transfer Code Activation 

Before you can activate the polaris ussd code, there are a few requirements you’ll need. Don’t worry, these items are easily attainable:

  • Mobile phone.
  • An active and valid SIM card registered with Polaris Bank.
  • A Polaris Bank Account Number.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

The code to transfer from polaris bank for sending and receiving money is *833#. This code has so many variations, and putting in the right one can save you that trip to the bank.

To send money type the code for polaris bank *833*Amount*Account Number# on the phone number registered with your Polaris Bank account.

For checking your account number polaris ussd *833*6#. Likewise, you could dial *833# and choose option 6 on your phone.

Then polaris bank ussd registration, dial *833# and choose the first option (1) or dial *833*1 on your mobile phone.

Below is a table showing other variations of the polaris bank short code and transactions they can be used for:

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Transfer Code Transactions 
*833# Smart Code open an account instantly, buy airtime, transfer funds, and pay bills.
*833*1# Open an account
*833*2# Pay bills
*833*3# Transfer Funds
*833*5# Update BVN – (coming soon)
*833*6# Check balance
*833*4# Hotlist card
*833*7# Pay with MasterPass
*833*Amount# Airtime Top-Up (Self)
*833* Amount*PhoneNumber# Airtime Top-Up (Others)

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Polaris Transfer Code To Other Banks

The transfer code for polaris bank to another bank is *833*3#, you can use this short code for polaris bank in two ways to send money to a beneficiary.

If you have already activated the polaris bank code on your mobile phone, then you shouldn’t have any problems using this code.

How To Send Money From Polaris Bank To Other Banks Using USSD Code

Dial *833*Amount*Account Number# from the phone line registered with Polaris Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

These are the steps to take for using the polaris bank code for transfer:

1. Dial *833*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *833*1000*1234567890#)

2. Select the bank of the account number you want to transfer funds to.

3. Ensure you verify the Account Name.

4. Choose which of your Polaris accounts you want to transfer from.

5. Enter your PIN to conclude the transaction.

PolarisMobile users should enter the PolarisMobile PIN, while other users should enter the 4-digit PIN they created during their registration for *833# registration.

You could also use the code to transfer money from polaris bank this other way:

1. Dial the polaris bank transfer code to other banks *833# and choose option 3 (Transfers) or Dial *833*3#.

2. Select the account to debit.

3. Choose the receiver’s bank from the menu.

4. Type in the Account Number you want to transfer to and tap ‘Send’.

5. Confirm the Account name and enter the ‘Amount’ to transfer.

6. Put in your PIN (PolarisMobile users should enter the PolarisMobile PIN, while other users should enter the 4-digit PIN they created during their registration for *833# registration.)

Polaris Bank Balance Code

There days, You don’t have to go through the stress of traffic to visit a Polaris Bank branch or stand in a queue for hours to confirm what your account balance is.

By simply dialling that polaris bank code to check balance *833*6# on your mobile phone, you can find out this information within minutes.

Steps To Check Polaris Bank Account Balance Using Code

When you’ve dialled the polaris bank account balance code, follow the on-screen prompts that pop up.

1. Dial *833*6# from your Polaris Bank registered number.

2. Select option 6 to check your balance.

3. Enter your Account Number.

4. Type your chosen 4-digit number to be used as PIN (if you are a PolarisMobile user enter the PolarisMobile PIN. If not, enter the 4-digit PIN you created during the *833# registration.

Note: there is an N10 charge attached to using the polaris mobile banking code to check your balance.

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Code To Buy Airtime From Polaris Bank

To buy airtime for yourself or your loved ones, you can dial the polaris bank recharge code on your phone, no internet connection is required.

The polaris bank code for airtime is put in this way – *833*Airtime Amount*PhoneNumber# can be used to buy airtime for others, while *8333*Amount# can buy airtime for yourself.

You can also dial the general polaris code for transfer *833*Amount#, choose option 8 and follow the on-screen prompts.

Airtime Self Top-up

Dial the polaris bank airtime transfer code *833* Amount# from the phone number registered with Polaris bank to get an immediate recharge.


Third-Party Top-up

1. Dial *833*Amount*PhoneNumber# (e.g *833*100*08012345678#).

2. Choose an account.

3. Select the airtime network

4. Choose the account to Debit.

5. Enter your PIN.

OR buy airtime using these steps below:

1. Dial *833#

2. Select option 8 on the Menu (Airtime top-up) and click on send.

3. Select option 2 for a third party.

4. Choose the account to debit.

5. Choose the receiver’s network.

6. Type in the receiver’s phone number.

7. Enter the airtime amount.

8. Enter your PIN.

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Code To Block Polaris Bank Account

In case your phone was stolen or you feel your bank account has been compromised, there is a transfer code polaris bank provided that can help you out in these situations.

The polaris bank code for blocking your account is *833*13*, it will help you keep your funds and bank details secure.

Dial this code on your registered mobile number and your account will be blocked at once.

How To Block Your Polaris Bank Account

1. Dial *833*13* Registered Mobile Number#

2. Follow the on-screen prompt to block your account.

If you are blocking the account with another number that is not registered to Polaris Bank, follow the step below:

1. Dial *833*13* Linked Number# (*833*13*08056123456#)

2.  Follow the prompt.

How to Block Your Polaris Bank Account Card

If your Polaris Bank card has been stolen, expired, or missing you can Hotlist it to get it blocked. Here’s how to do that:

1. Dial *833*4#

2. Follow the on-screen prompts to get your debit card blocked quickly.

Polaris Bank Code To Check Account Number

Bank users who didn’t save their account number or can’t remember what it was, can use the code for transfer in polaris bank to check the number.

1. Dial the polaris ussd code *833*1# using the phone number linked to your Polaris bank account.

2. Input the last 4 digits of your MasterCard or mobile banking  PIN to authenticate your transaction.

You could also ask a customer care representative from Polaris Bank for assistance. They’ll ask for personal data like

  • Your full name
  • Phone number registered to your Polaris bank account.
  • Next of Kin.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Bank branch registered in.

Polaris Bank Daily Transfer Limit

The polaris bank transfer limit is N50,000 for transfers and payments, while airtime is N5,000 and N20,000 monthly.

However, you can get this amount increased on your PolarisMobile app. Here is how to use the polaris bank ussd code to check balance to increase the daily transfer limit.

1. Click on transfer

2. Tap the ‘increase transfer limit’ button.

3. Select the amount you want to make your new daily limit and save.

Transfer Pin For Polaris Bank

Your polaris transfer pin is the number you use to authorize every transaction you make using the code to transfer to polaris bank.

You can create this PIN when signing up for the *833# services. But if you’re signed onto PolarisMobile, use your PolarisMobile PIN.

How To Change Transfer Pin For Polaris Bank

If you wish to change the transfer pin for polaris, follow these steps below:

1. Dial *833# from your phone number which is registered with Polaris Bank.

2. Choose option ‘9’ or * on the menu (other services) and click ‘send’.

3. Select option 1 to change your PIN.

4. Choose the account number you’d like to change your PIN for.

5. Put in your current or default pin (where a PIN reset has occurred) in the ‘OLD PIN’ field and send.

6. In the ‘New Pin’ field enter your new transfer pin.

7. Retype your new preferred PIN to confirm.

8. Your PIN has been successfully changed.

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I hope this article was helpful to you? The polaris bank code provides the fastest, easy, and safe way to bank from the comfort of your home or anywhere else by simply using your mobile phone.

The code for polaris bank doesn’t need any internet connection and can be used on any kind of phone, provided your number is registered to the bank. Kindy use the comment box below for any question regarding this article.

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