How To Block UBA ATM Card Using USSD Code (Full Guide)

Your Lost Or Stolen ATM Card Can Be Prone To Cyber Theft. Check Out Our Step By Step Guide On How To Block UBA ATM Card Using Different Methods. 

How To Block UBA ATM Card

How To Block UBA ATM Card: Anyone can be a victim of theft where your ATM card might have just been stolen together with other belongings. It is quite risky leaving your ATM details after it has been stolen because any fraudster can pick it up and withdraw your money. In other to safeguard you from going through that pain, I am going to show you how you can easily block your UBA ATM card if you have just lost it or has been stolen.

Many people think that their ATM card is safe anywhere as long as the person who has it does not know their PIN. Well, to disappoint you, a fraudster can still remove money from your account with just the ATM card numbers. This is why you need to keep your ATM card very safe.

Nobody prays for this kind of situation but when you find yourself in this situation, what do you do? In this article, you are going to find out useful tips on what to do when you ATM card has been compromised or when you cannot find it.

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How To Block UBA ATM Card

The dangerous part of leaving your ATM card unblocked if it has been compromised is the fact that your money can go little by little until you have nothing left in your bank account again. There are various ways to block your ATM card. Here are steps on how to block your ATM card if your use UBA:

1. How To Block UBA ATM Card Using USSD Code

One of the ways to block your UBA ATM card is by using USSD code. This method is very easy and straight to the point. Immediately you find out your ATM card is missing, dial *919*10# and then send the phone number you linked to the UBS Bank account. Once you have done this, your missing ATM card would be blocked immediately. This means that no one would be able to use it to perform any kind of transaction again.

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2. How To Block UBA ATM Card Using Mobile Banking App

Another option available if you want to block your ATM card is through your mobile banking app. In case the USSD method does not work for you or you no longer have the number you linked to your account; you can try this method out. Once you have downloaded and registered the app, you can simply go to self service and then click on “block card”. Your card would be blocked as soon as you have done this.

3. How To Block UBA ATM Card Using UBA Leo

Another way to block your ATM card is using UBA Leo. UBA Leo is a chat banking service that is available for people that use UBA. This means you can now complain via UBA Leo without having to go to the bank. All you need to do is send “Block Card” to UBA Leo.

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Tips On How To Safe Guard Your UBA ATM Card

If you have ever misplaced your ATM before, you would find out that it very painful to lose one. For this reason, I have listed a few tips to help you safeguard your UBA ATM card. Here are useful tips on keeping your ATM card safe:

1. Never Give Out Your PIN Code To Anyone

The number one rule of keeping your ATM card safe is keeping your PIN code a secret. Sometimes, the fraudster we may think is using our details might just be someone that you have told your ATM pin at one point or the other. Do not trust anyone with your ATM PIN.

2. Be Careful Of POS Points You Use

Another thing you need to do to safeguard your ATM is not using every POS you see. Some people use any POS points they see and this is very risky because some POS ordered for suppliers can store your card details in them.

3. Do Not Lend Anyone Your ATM

Again, do not lend your ATM to anyone, no matter they seem to be desperately be in need of an ATM card. It can compromise your card. It is very difficult and stressful to track the person that has used your ATM details to get money from your account.

4. Do Not Use An ATM If The Lights Are Out

If you notice that the light of an ATM is not working, it is important that you do not use it. This is because your card can be swallowed or your details might be compromised.

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How To Block Your Bank Account

If you notice any fraudulent account on your account, you can block your account immediately so that you can monitor the events taking place on your account. Blocking your account is very easy and you do not need to bother about unblocking your account as well because it is very easy. To block your account, dial *919*9#. However, you need to do this with the phone number that is linked to your bank account. Once you have done this, you account would be blocked immediately.

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How To Unblock Your Account

You account cannot just stay blocked because you would not be able to perform any transaction with your account. If you wish to unblock your account after so that you can perform regular transactions on it again, all you need to do walk into any UBA bank branch close to your area. However, if you are a working-class person, it may be difficult to find time to go to the bank. You can call the customer care lines or send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Deactivate My ATM Card Using USSD Code?

Yes, it is very possible to deactivate your ATM card with USSD code

2. What Do I Do If My Phone Has Been Stolen?

Of you are a victim of stolen phone and your bank apps and details can easily be accessed with the stolen phone, you can block your bank account or your ATM card.

3. Does Blocking A Card Stop Transactions?

Yes, once you have blocked a card, it simply freezes or blocks the debit card. Hence, any transaction you want to do on that particular card would be declined. This feature is great if you have just lost or been a victim or stole debit card.

4. Can A Frozen Card Receive Money?

The simple answer is yes. If you have frozen your card for one reason or the other, if a person sends money to that same account, it would be received. However, you cannot access the money with the frozen debit card.

5. Can Someone Take Money Using Card Number?

Yes, fraudsters have a way of taking money out of your account by simply getting hold of your card details. It is best that you keep your card as safe as possible.


We have seen the number of options available to block your UBA ATM card if you cannot find it again. If you are worried about being able to get another ATM card, you can easily walk into any UBA branch and request for another ATM card. However, you would have to pay for another one. This calls for us to be very careful and vigilant so that we do not lose our ATM cards always.

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